Making the Most of Your Advocacy Effort

Join organized lobbying efforts, such as the National School Boards Association’s Federal Relations Network (FRN). School Board Advocacy Network members are encouraged to join FRN and unite with other locally elected and appointed school board members from across the country who together advocate at the federal level for the interests of public education in general.

Set an advocacy policy that establishes the board’s commitment to advocacy and include it in the district’s mission statement. The policy could contain several directives:

  • To add advocacy to the communications policy
  • To identify a news media spokesperson for the board on state and national issues
  • To use every available means to publicize federal and state legislative and policy issues being addressed by the local board
  • To set aside time at each school board meeting for a report on state and national advocacy issues to keep up-to-date

Let the news media deliver the message. Legislators count on the media to keep up with what is important to their constituents. Talk to the media, so that your view and your issue will likely get positive news coverage that will come to legislators’ attention and influence public opinion.

Don’t wait until the legislative session begins to start advocacy efforts. Building a relationship takes time. Contact your legislator today to schedule a meeting.

Read our Member Center article to find out the best ways to find and contact your legislator.

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