Developing TASB's Positions

TASB's positions on legislative issues are developed through the Association's Grassroots Process. Members of the TASB School Board Advocacy Network will be active in this process and will demonstrate leadership as the Association's advocacy priorities are developed.

In the year before the Legislature convenes, TASB holds regional grassroots meetings across the state to solicit school board member input as to what issues TASB should pursue in the next regular legislative session.

In addition to discussing legislative issues, each region elects representatives to serve on TASB's Legislative Advisory Council (LAC). The 105-member LAC is responsible for merging the views of the 20 regions and developing specific legislative positions statements. TASB's Legislative Committee and Board of Trustees consider LAC's recommendations before they go to the Delegate Assembly for adoption.

Carrying out TASB's legislative priorities is every school board member's responsibility. Coordinating that effort is the job of TASB's Governmental Relations Division. TASB's Governmental Relations Division represents school board members at the Texas Legislature, the United States Congress, the State Board of Education, the Texas Education Agency, the State Board for Educator Certification, and other education-related agencies and organizations.

Division staff members work with state and federal policymakers to draft legislation, recruit bill sponsors, educate lawmakers on TASB issues, and organize grassroots support for TASB's positions. 

Remember that TASB's Governmental Relations Division is available to help or advise you when you have any questions dealing with legislative issues or the legislative process. Call 800.580.4885 or use the Network's e-mail address,