Advocacy Strategy

Before you contact legislators, you need some basic information. Then you can plan an advocacy strategy:

  1. Personal information. This could help you establish ties to your legislators. Where did each go to school? What do they do for a living? What about their families? Do their children attend your schools?
  2. Committee assignments. What committees are your legislators on? This is especially important if they are on a committee that regularly deals with education issues, but it is very important to keep all legislators informed about education issues.
  3. Legislative staff members. Get to know the legislative staff member who deals with education issues, and make sure he or she gets to know you by name. Staff members are paid to pass along information to their boss, the legislator.
  4. Voting history. Find out how your legislators voted on earlier education issues. That will help you anticipate where they are likely to stand on upcoming issues and will help you prepare discussion.