Legislative Guides and Tool Kits

TASB staff has prepared the following resources to aid school board members throughout the legislative process.

Getting Ready for Session (pdf)

A step-by-step description of what school boards can do to help prepare their districts for the legislative session. Includes a general timeline.

Adopt-a-Legislator Guide (pdf)

The Adopt-a-Legislator program is a proven strategy to help school board trustees become effective advocates for their school districts. The goal of the program is to help each trustee develop a meaningful relationship with one of the policymakers who represents a school district.

Writing Op-Eds and Letters to the Editor (pdf)

A guide to writing letters to the editor and opinion editorials, including tips for organizing your thoughts and determining when and where to submit your letter.

Editorial Board Meetings (pdf)

Learn how to set up, prepare for, and participate in meetings with newspaper editorial boards.

Texas Legislative Witness Guide (pdf)

A comprehensive guide that explains what one needs to know when preparing to testify before a legislative committee or state agency. Even those just considering delivering testimony should read this guide.

Reading a Bill (pdf)

This guide provides a helpful overview of how to read and analyze bills filed in the Legislature.

Elections Tool Kit

Advocacy Goals for Election Season (pdf)

Discover some easy advocacy goals school board members can accomplish during election season to help promote their districts and public education.

"Watch What You Say," Texas Lone Star, April 2007 (pdf)

What board members can and cannot say during bond elections and reelection campaigns.

District Resources and Political Advertising (pdf)

The Texas Ethics Commission has produced A Short Guide to the Prohibition Against Using School District Resources for Political Advertising in Connection with an Election. It provides important information about political advertising and district resources that school district employees and board members should know.

Presentations for School Board Members

Trustees may use these fill-in-the-blank presentations to communicate school district issues.

District Overview

Use this presentation template to help others learn more about your district, including information about school population, staff, general finances and accountability.

School Finance Overview

Use this presentation template to explain the public school funding system in Texas, including information on the "hold harmless" provision, tax rates and property values, cost drivers of public education and the target revenue system.