About the North Texas Regional Consortium

Nine North Texas School Districts have a vision to move the education system into a forward thinking system that prepares students for their future.

This consortium formed as a result of the Visioning Institute, a group of school district superintendents brought together by the Texas Association of School Administrators and the Texas Leadership Center. Through collaboration between districts, the Consortium has embraced the six principles of the Visioning Institute:

  1. The digital revolution requires organizational transformation of the education system
  2. The digital revolution and social transformations call for a new digital learning environment
  3. The new learning environment demands new learning standards
  4. New learning standards require new assessments of learning
  5. New learning standards require new relevant accountability systems
  6. Significant authority and responsibility must be returned to local communities to accomplish these goals.

The Consortium is focusing on research-based enhancements in their respective districts. These strategies include innovative teaching practices, technology integration and increased student engagement using problem-solving, collaboration, creativity, and higher-thinking skills.

Consortium members are also implementing new procedures and professional development that support organizational transformation of the education system. In addition, the Consortium, in conjunction with Region 10, is exploring relevant accountability methods that will provide a more accurate measure of a student's knowledge and twenty-first century skills.

The North Texas Regional Consortium districts are Allen, Coppell, Frisco, Highland Park, Lewisville, McKinney, Northwest, Plano, and Richardson.