School Transformation

TASB has collected these resources related to current efforts in school transformation and visioning.

TASB resources

Article: Texas Lone Star: Project: High Performance: Consortium Chosen to Transform Texas Public Schools (February/March 2013)

School Transformation video

TASA/Texas Leadership Center

Press release: Despite Gov. Perry's veto of HB 2824, the Texas High Performance Schools Consortium will continue its work to transform education, 06/17/2013

Creating a New Vision for Public Education in Texas

TASA and the Texas Leadership Center are pleased to provide the document, Creating a New Vision for Public Education in Texas (pdf), resulting from the work of 35 superintendents who participated in the Public Education Visioning Institute begining in 2006.

New Vision Implementation Guide: Self-Analysis and Implementation Tools

The Implementation Guide is designed to provide an accessible practitioner's guide to understanding the New Vision premises and principles, provide a set of best practice tools and processes to guide district staff in support of district transformation.

Board Resolution in Support of School Transformation

TASA has prepared a sample Board Resolution to build support for the needed transformation in Texas public schools, one that fosters innovation, creativity and a thirst for learning with new, more meaningful, assessment and accountability measures, rather than a system built around narrowly focused standardized tests that end up as the "be-all, end-all" yardstick for a school's success. Please let us know when your board adopts the resolution by emailing Denise Burns.

Additional Web resources

North Texas Regional Consortium

Texas Education Agency resources

POWER ON TEXAS, a landmark project of the Texas Education Agency, now features the work of the Texas Association of School Administrators' Public Education Visioning Institute. The group's report Creating a New Vision for Public Education in Texas is now included at POWERONTEXAS.COM. POWER ON TEXAS builds on many of the concepts and issues identified in the visioning document.