Post-Legislative Conference

TASB Governmental Relations hosts two Post-Legislative Conferences in conjunction with the TASB Summer Leadership Institute (SLI) conferences in San Antonio and Ft. Worth during odd-numbered years following the Texas Legislative Session.

During these conferences, TASB staff reviews the important bills passed during the legislative session, focusing on what is required of school districts. Attendees will learn about major legislation affecting public education, including:

  • School finance, taxation, and fiscal accountability
  • School choice and charters
  • Elections—board and bond
  • District governance and operations
  • Salary and benefits changes and implementation
  • Teacher Retirement System, health care, and other personnel issues
  • Instruction, textbooks, and accountability
  • Student services and special education

Continuing Education Credit

Post-Legislative Conferences typically offer trustees up to three hours of Topic 1 – Regulatory level training or up to three hours of Topic 3 – Additional Continuing Education credit depending on the experience level of the trustee.