NSBA Advocacy Institute Stipend Nomination Form

Nominations will be considered from current TASB members and selections will be made to have at least one trustee from each of Texas’s 36 congressional districts present at the Advocacy Institute. If more than one trustee applies from a congressional district, the selection shall be made based on the merits of the criteria set forth below. Nominees with a history of school district advocacy will be given priority in the selection process. The stipend will be provided as a reimbursement to the member school district for the cost of conference registration.

Please know that this information will not be shared with anyone outside of TASB.

Nomination forms must be submitted on or before Friday, September 18, 2020.

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Contact Information

Please provide a home mailing address rather than a school district address.
Please provide an accurate and current email address. We use this as the primary form of communication.

Advocacy Institute Stipend Application Criteria

*Have you previously attended the Advocacy Institute?
*Have you participated in Leadership TASB?
*Have you served or are you currently serving on the Legislative Advisory Council (LAC)?
*Have you served or are you currently serving on the TASB Board of Directors?
*Have you or are you currently serving on a TASB affiliated entity board (TASB Energy Cooperative, The Local Government Purchasing Cooperative, Lone Star Investment Pool, etc.)?
*Have you participated in TASB Grassroots Meetings?
*Have you ever served as a delegate to the TASB Delegate Assembly?

Additional Application Criteria

*Are your terms 3 or 4 years?
Limit 1,000 characters