TASB Legislative Advisory Council

The Legislative Advisory Council (LAC) responsible for melding the regional advocacy priorities developed during the TASB Grassroots Meetings into one list of statewide advocacy priorities to be included in the TASB Advocacy Agenda.

The LAC meets twice in the spring of even-numbered years to draft its statewide priorities and elect four members to serve on the TASB Board's Legislative Committee.

Please note that costs associated with attending any LAC meeting are the responsibility of a trustee's school district and not TASB.

After a regular session of the Texas Legislature, TASB’s bylaws require that the LAC meet to review legislative action on TASB’s Advocacy Agenda Priorities. The LAC may offer changes to or repeal priorities adopted the preceding year by the annual Delegate Assembly or propose new priorities. Any changes the LAC makes to TASB’s Advocacy Agenda will be submitted to TASB’s Legislative Committee prior to TASB’s summer board meeting.

For more information regarding the LAC, you may contact Dax Gonzalez in TASB Governmental Relations at dax.gonzalez@tasb.org or 800.580.4885.