New TASB Login FAQ

A new TASB login has launched that replaces the previous myTASB experience. This change brings several benefits: 

  • Enhanced security
  • A login experience like that of other companies
  • A user ID based on email, rather than a difficult-to-remember credential 

We piloted these changes earlier in September with the successful launch of the redesigned Policy Online. Our goal is to continue to make account access simpler and more secure across the organization and this is an important step in that process. 

With this change, we’re also retiring the term “myTASB” and simply calling it the TASB login. Rest assured, we’re ready to help with any questions or concerns.

These FAQs should also help. If you have a question that’s not addressed below, let us know at

Why are we changing the login experience?

We are moving toward single sign on, and this change brings us closer to that goal while also making account access simpler and more secure across the organization.

How are my login credentials different?

The biggest change is that your User ID is now based on your email, rather than a difficult-to-remember credential.

Do I need to go somewhere different to log in?

You can still log in from the homepage of, as well Member Center. Just look for the login button. Other TASB applications or websites, such as Policy Online and the TASB Risk Fund can also be accessed with the same login credentials.

Which applications does this affect?

With our goal to create a single sign on experience, this change impacts secure services and applications currently behind myTASB, including:

  • Policy Online
  • HR Services
  • TASB Risk Management Fund
  • Member Center
  • Online Learning Center and continuing education credit dashboard

Access to other services and affiliated entities has not changed. This includes BuyBoard, Lone Star Investment Pool, BoardBook, and some Risk Management Fund services, including Vector Solutions.

How does this impact me?

The new login is the first step toward creating a single sign experience to access websites, services, and applications across the organization. The most noticeable change is that we are retiring the “myTASB” login with the simpler TASB login. 

All members have received an email with their new account information. It’s important to remember that:

  • The User ID is your preferred email address
  • You will need to reset your password to meet more secure requirements.

What should I do if I have questions about logging in?

If you have questions, email or call us at 800-436-8501. We look forward to assisting you.

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