Policy Online™ Is Getting an Upgrade This Summer

Policy Online users, this will be an exciting year for you. We are upgrading our system to improve the product and our service to members. Whether you use this tool to manage a policy manual, find information, share resources, or help others, we want you to have an easy and efficient experience.

How will Policy Online change?

All your policy resources will be in one place. Most importantly, we want to make your job easier! With the new features you will be able to:

  • Submit and view policy adoption dates.
  • View a list of pending policies from numbered updates.
  • Access simplified update packets for changes to local policies.
  • Link to policy related materials from the application.

Will there be help for me to learn how to use the new tools and processes?

Absolutely! We will be available to support you through the transition with resources including help within the application, written tutorials, videos, and scheduled webinars.

Do I need to update anything?

The Policy Online web address (URL) of your board policy manual will change, so you will need to update your website, internal hyperlinks, and browser bookmarks. We will provide you with your new URL before the release this summer.

How can I help my staff prepare?

You can post information about the changes in the employee section of your website and share information electronically with staff. Make sure employees know how to access your current Policy Online site.

Also, alert your webmaster and employees in charge of publications that public and internal hyperlinks to your Policy Online site will need to be updated with the new URL we provide.

What can I do to announce updates to community members?

You can post information about the changes on your website. Since individuals do not need a login to access board policy manuals, anyone can view your current policies.

New Features Preview

What's coming up next?

Watch your email for ongoing communications and stay tuned to this page for tutorials and other support resources.

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