BoardBook Premier Quick Reference Sheet

BoardBook Premier Quick Reference Sheet (pdf)

Training and Support Resources for BoardBook Premier

First, we have a collection of training videos. Use the link below to play the videos sequentially, or you can find links to individual videos and handouts listed by subject:

Foundation Videos: These videos will give you a basic understanding of some key concepts that will appear in numerous other videos:

Controlling Permissions to Agenda Item Fields and Attachments

Quick overview of how the Meeting Status is used to control the Release of Meeting Materials

Understanding the difference between Meeting and Report Templates

Tour of the Home Screen

Creating the Meeting:

Creating a meeting

Advanced Meeting Options

Working with the Agenda:

How to Use Import Agenda Items

Copying items from another meeting

Rearranging items in the meeting

Deleting, deactivating and tabling items in the agenda

Adding Items or Sub-items to the Agenda

Editing an existing agenda item

Adding, deleting, and updating attachments

Use Attach Documents Tool to Update Attachments Across Multiple Items Simultaneously

Item Requesters and working with requested items

Meeting documents:

Adding Extras or Supplemental Resources

Downloading the Minutes Report

Downloading a PDF Packet

How to Download the Meeting Materials

Releasing the Meeting:

Releasing the Meeting by Changing the Status

Update Meeting Status or Archive Multiple Meetings Simultaneously Using the Change Meetings Feature

Holding the Meeting:

Viewing or Reviewing a Meeting

Use of View and Follow during a Meeting

Minutes Manager Tools

The Public Projector Screen

After the Meeting:

Uploading the approved minutes and completing the meeting

Other Subjects:

The Public Screen

Template Management Guide (pdf)

Working with Agenda, Notice, and Minutes RTF Templates

Creating and Editing Meeting Templates

Troubleshooting the Public Page

Working with Committees and Permission Groups

Committees, and Permission Groups, which are sometimes collectively called units, give you ways to identify groups that have their own meetings and or manage access to attachments and documents based on membership in the Committee or Permission Group.

Working with Users

Once you have a good feel for adding and managing Meetings and Agendas it’s time to work with your users and the Understanding User Permissions (pdf) and Managing Users (pdf), will be quite helpful.

User Management Guide (pdf)

Tier 2 Features

Certain features within BoardBook Premier are exclusive to Tier 2.  These include Goals Tracking, Online Documents and Policies, and Organizational Branding. Please review these handouts: