Transportation Energy Pool

The TASB Energy Cooperative provides fixed-rate pricing for fuel commodities over pre-set periods of time, or terms.TASBenergyCoopLogo_240x67.png


  • Decrease the volatility of fuel expenditures. The higher the percentage of your district’s usage that is locked in at the fixed rate, the lower the volatility.  
  • Take advantage of the opportunity to reduce transportation fuel expenditures if the price of gasoline and/or diesel increases during the term of the contract. However, if the price of fuel decreases during the term of the contract, your district will remain responsible for purchasing the amounts stated during the term of the contract.  
  • By combining the usage of multiple districts, a fixed price for fuel is possible to obtain. In order to lock in a fixed rate for transportation fuel, increments of 42,000 gallons must be purchased.  This amount makes it difficult for most school districts to obtain a fixed price for their transportations fuels on their own. 
  • Contractual terms and conditions negotiated by TASB on behalf of the TASB Energy Cooperative and its members.
  • Local and state bid statutes are met. 

Fuel quantity 

  • Through the program, your district may purchase a portion of your projected fuel usage. All of the fuel purchased at the fixed rate must be delivered during the stated term of the contract.
  • Your district will continue to buy the remainder of its required fuel through its current means.


  • Your district will call the fuel service provider to order the desired quantity of fuel and set up a delivery timeline. If you currently procure your transportation fuels through the BuyBoard® program, the same process would be followed.
  • Delivery charges are not included, and payment is due on an as-delivered basis, just as your district currently pays for delivered fuel. The delivery charge should not change from your current rate, as the fuel will typically be delivered from the same rack, or distribution point, from which it is currently delivered.  
  • Participating districts may be able to continue to use their current fuel distributors, depending on existing agreements. Please review your districts current agreements prior to participating in the fuel program.


  • Complete an information form (pdf) with details about your district, tank storage capacity, fuel type, and amounts of each fuel type to be purchased at a fixed rate.
  • Execute an Interlocal Participation Agreement (IPA) for the TASB Energy Cooperative and return to TASB. Joining the TASB Energy Cooperative is necessary to participate in the pilot program and to meet state and local procurement laws. There are no fees associated with membership in the TASB Energy Cooperative and it does not commit your district to participate in any programs or services.

E-mail or call us at 800-580-8272, extension 2024, for more information.