Our Team

Our experienced consultants and field services representatives understand the client's needs and concerns. Executive Search Services is led by Butch Felkner, who has three decades of experience in public schools, including six as a superintendent.

The search consultant is the client's partner throughout the search. He or she makes recommendations at every step of the superintendent search process, and the client makes the final decisions. Meet our consultants, and you'll begin to understand what our expertise can bring to your search.

ESS staff/search consultants

Field services consultants

Jack Damron Rolando Pena
Rick Howard Mike Rains
Joe Dan Lee Bob Smith
Kathee Lupton William Smith
Ernesto Martinez Jr. Craig Stockstill


Frequently Asked Questions

How long should an application packet be?

The application packet should be long enough for you to “sell” yourself to a prospective board of trustees. The best way to do this is to stress accomplishments and show a positive track record. When all required documents are submitted and combined, the application packet should not exceed 30 pages.

How long will a search take?

Ideally, a search takes up to four months from the day the search is opened until the new chief executive is hired. This gives ample time to develop a profile, advertise the position, and conduct interviews.

Sometimes a board feels it must shorten the process, and ESS will work with the board to establish a suitable time line.

How much information is needed to support my application?

The application should contain enough information for you to "sell" yourself to a prospective employer. The best way to do this is to stress accomplishments and show a positive track record.

Is a site visit to the top candidate's home district really necessary?

Yes, we believe so. The visit allows the board to confirm its impressions of the top applicant.

Will my application be confidential?

Yes. Executive Search Services makes every effort to maintain strict confidentiality of applicant names and materials submitted with an application.