The ESS Search Process

TASB Executive Search Services (ESS) adds value and insight to every step of the search process by finding suitable candidates who exceed your expectations. We tap into our nearly four decades' experience to set the course for the board, handle the necessary, time-consuming steps, and then let the board make the key decisions.

Plan and prioritize

Your search is customized to meet the needs of your district. Get started by meeting and talking with your board and leadership to determine the priorities of the search. ESS will help ensure your team is on the same page and will step in to help establish the schedule, determine advertising and recruitment efforts, develop the budget, and more.

Develop a leadership profile

What is your board looking for in a superintendent? Our leadership profile sessions help you define the characteristics and selection criteria most important for your district. And, we know that community involvement is essential. Through group sessions and online surveys, your district's staff, students, parents, and other community members are given a voice in the superintendent selection process and in the future of the district.

Open the search

With access to a wealth of experience and knowledge, we will steer the search based on your district’s highest priorities to find prospects that are the right fit.

Once we know exactly what you’re looking for, we hit the ground running with finding the best fit. We coordinate all aspects of finding and getting to know the ideal candidate. Our network of search consultants helps recruit qualified applicants, and we use a variety of online search, recruitment, and networking platforms to spread the word and attract top talent, statewide and nationally.

Provide options and guidance

Once we are confident that we have a high-quality pool of candidates that you are pleased with, we compile applications, make travel arrangements, help develop interview questions, and structure the interview process based on your priorities.

Support your choice

Ultimately, the choice is yours. Make it with the full confidence that your district's unique needs were considered before the final vote takes place. Once your board decides on a finalist, we will help you negotiate the contract, coordinate the site visit, and communicate your selection to your community.

Ease the transition

With the search complete, our work continues as we assist you and the new superintendent in making the transition. And, we guarantee your satisfaction with your new district leader. If the superintendent leaves within two years of hiring, we will reopen the search with no additional consulting fee.

After the search

The search process has been completed, and the new superintendent is getting ready to start as your district’s new leader. We know you are anxious to make sure that the transition is smooth and everyone is on board to help your new hire lead your district to success.

There is plenty you can do to support your superintendent, leadership team, and board as you all navigate a changing landscape. Let ESS help you ease the burden with a Leadership Transition Session to strengthen the new working relationship. Led by a consultant from TASB's Board Development Services, the session focuses on clarifying expectations and identifying issues the leadership team will need to concentrate on immediately.

From clarifying or establishing goals to reviewing operating procedures and governance roles and responsibilities, the workshop is customized to meet your needs. Board member continuing education credit is awarded for the session.

To schedule training, email Board Development Services at or call 800.580.8272.

Other resources

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