For School Boards

It starts with your board

Finding the right superintendent is the most important task a school board undertakes. Your selection sets the direction for your district. TASB Executive Search Services helps you navigate the search process to ensure success for your board, your students, and your community.

Strong focus on community

We believe community involvement in the search process is important. Through group sessions and Web-based surveys, you will learn the thoughts and perceptions of parents, students, staff, and other community members and help secure their commitment to the new district leader.

Creating the perfect fit

The most important criterion for judging a successful search is the "fit" between the board and the candidate. You aren't just looking for a person to fill a position. You are looking for a partner who can help your district reach its potential. TASB Executive Search Services will help you find that perfect fit.

We're in it for the long haul

Once the search is complete, our work continues as we assist you and the new superintendent in making the transition. And we guarantee your satisfaction with your new district leader.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you help us find an interim superintendent?

Yes, we can provide suitable candidates for an interim superintendent position, and we offer this as a free service. Contact us for more information.

Do you have a stable of candidates?

No. We are in the business to help organizations find executives, not to help executives find jobs. We are committed to helping the employing board find the very best applicants possible.

How are the community and staff involved in the search?

It is important that the staff and community be involved in developing the profile. This gives them a voice in the process.

The review of the applications and the interview process is strictly a board function in which the consultant assists.

How long will a search take?

Ideally, a search takes up to four months from the day the search is opened until the new chief executive is hired. This gives ample time to develop a profile, advertise the position, and conduct interviews.

Sometimes a board feels it must shorten the process, and ESS will work with the board to establish a suitable time line.

Is a site visit to the top candidate's home district really necessary?

Yes, we believe so. The visit allows the board to confirm its impressions of the top applicant.

Is continuing education credit available?

Yes. Up to three hours of continuing education credit is awarded to trustees attending the session on preparing for interviews.

What if we don't find the right person?

As your membership organization, we are committed to serving school boards, and we understand the importance of finding the right superintendent for the district. ESS will continue the search until the board finds a candidate that fits the bill.

What is your success record?

Since 1988, ESS consultants have conducted more than 600 searches for organizations ranging from fewer than 100 to more than 194,000 students. And our placements are successful: More than 90 percent of the superintendents ESS placed in the past four years are still in their districts.

In many of these, we have conducted more than one search, which is a compliment to our record. Our service allows each trustee of an employing board to evaluate the search process once it is completed, and the majority of responses have been highly complimentary.