Return-to-School Resources

After dealing with campus closures due to COVID-19, Texas public schools will reopen for the 2020–21 school year, although options are available to delay on-campus instruction due to rising coronavirus cases.

Operation Connectivity

TASB Legal Services' memo Operation Connectivity Bulk Order Program (pdf) answers questions about the need for board authorization to pursue a bulk purchase of technology under Operation Connectivity. The memo includes a Sample Notice/Agenda: Board Meeting by Videoconference or Telephone Call for Operation Connectivity Bulk Order Program (docx) in an editable word format.

State and national guidelines

TASB's return-to-school podcast

  • TASB Talks, Episode 36: Return to School, Part I: Joy Baskin, division director of TASB Legal Services discusses the legal challenges and implications as public schools prepare for the new year in the midst of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Get details on TEA's guidelines on in-person and virtual learning, extracurricular activities, and the processes for managing outbreaks as they arise.
  • TASB Talks, Episode 37: Return to School, Part II: Amy Campbell, division director of TASB HR Services, talks about the challenges of district staff returning to school during the COVID-19 pandemic. She answers common district questions, like: Do teachers have a choice in returning to the classroom? If a staff member is exposed to COVID-19, what are the next steps? How will daily screenings work? Should schools be preparing contact tracing teams?

Health and safety


Academic calendar

General operations

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Remote work

Remote instruction

Student and extracurricular issues

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