About School Board Members

Who is eligible to serve as a school board member?

To be eligible for board member election, a local school board candidate must be a:

  • Qualified/registered voter,
  • Resident of the district he or she desires to represent for six months before the filing deadline,
  • Resident of the state for 12 months before the deadline. 

How are school board members elected?

School district trustees are elected by popular vote. Whether an election is by majority or plurality vote is a matter of local policy. In a majority voting system, a candidate must receive more than 50 percent of the vote to win. This may require more than one election. In a plurality voting system, the candidate with the highest percentage of the votes wins.

When are school board members elected?

School board elections may only be held on the second Saturday in May or the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November. Special elections to fill vacancies that occur between elections may be held as appropriate.

Once elected, are trustees required to undergo any training?

School board members in Texas are required to participate in three types of continuing education.

  1. An orientation to local district policy and to the laws related to public education in Texas.
  2. An annual team-building activity with the rest of the board and the superintendent. 
  3. A specified number of hours each year in areas of special needs.

Board members determine needs with their board annually by reviewing Framework for School Board Development on the TEA website—a document that outlines the tasks an effective board performs in its governing capacity. Continuing education courses that address these needs are available through a variety of sources.