Supporting Schools

Texas public schools: The whole story

Often, the news about public schools and education in Texas is incomplete or lacks context. Find out what schools are doing well and where they need more support. Learn how to speak out for Texas public schools!

Get involved

Texans for Strong Public Schools

Texans for Strong Public Schools informs and organizes advocates across the state to engage in the legislative process and to ensure the needs of 5.4 million Texas schoolchildren are heard by lawmakers.

My Texas Public School

Informed parents are involved parents. My Texas Public School is a resource-rich website that has information for the guardians of students new to Texas schools:

  • Preparing and enrolling your child
  • The school system
  • Academics and accountability
  • How to get involved

Support and share

These tools and resources will help you raise your voice in support of public schools:

I <3 Public Schools

Show the world how much public schools mean to you and your family.

I <3 Public Schools logo (download to place on your website or use on social media)

Sample social media posts:

  • I love Texas public schools because every kid deserves the same great education. #txed
  • Our communities are stronger when we’re all invested in our kids’ education. That’s why I love Texas public schools! #txed
  • I'm a proud product of Texas public schools. They made me who I am today! #txed
  • I love my Texas public school because… [share your story] #txed

I Care. I Vote.

Public schools are supported by a healthy civic culture, and voting is an important part of that culture.

I Care. I Vote. logo (download to place on your website or use on social media)

Sample social media posts:

  • Texas is better when we *all* have a say in our future — that’s why I’m voting in this election and in every election. #IcareIvote
  • Every election is an opportunity to stand up for the things we believe in. I care and I vote — do you? #IcareIvote
  • Most of the 5.4 million schoolchildren in Texas can’t vote, but I can. #IcareIvote
  • Our votes can have the biggest impact in our state and local elections. I care, and I vote in every election. Do you? #IcareIvote

Stand Up for Texas Public Schools

Use your public profile to highlight the great work done by Texas public schools.

StandUp logo (download to place on your website or use on social media)

Sample social media posts:

  • Public schools educate 90% of school-aged children in our state. Let’s stand up for public schools as they prepare the next generation to lead Texas! #txed
  • When compared with other states, Texas’ graduation rate is among the top five in the nation: Stand up for Texas public schools! #txed
  • Texas public schools are there for every student. Let’s stand up for our schools by asking lawmakers to support public education during the Texas legislative session: #txed

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Stand Up for Texas Public Schools

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