Legal Assistance Fund Board

The TASB Legal Assistance Fund, established in 1980, files amicus curiae (friend of the court) briefs to assist in litigation involving or affecting member school districts and to help school districts defend challenges on issues that have a statewide effect on public schools.

James de Garavilla, Chair (TASB President)

David Hodgins, member (Texas Council of School Attorneys Vice-Chair)

Lee Lentz-Edwards, member (TASB President-Elect)

Leticia McGowan, member (Texas Council of School Attorneys Chair)

Jim Rice, member (TASB First Vice-President)

Greg Smith, member (TASA President-Elect)

Gayle Stinson, member (TASA President)

James B. Crow, Ex-Officio Member (TASB Executive Director)

Kevin Brown, Ex-Officio Member (TASA Executive Director)Ex-Officio Member