TASB Value Statements


TASB adheres to professional and moral standards of conduct that place high value on honesty, integrity, fairness, and respect. Ethics are fundamental to TASB's being and are self-evident in the Association's operations and interactions.


TASB exists to serve its members and customers with prompt, comprehensive, relevant, and exceptional service through its services and referrals.


Trust is the belief and confidence of all stakeholders in TASB's integrity, reliability, commitment, honesty, and the value of the services provided. Trust is formed by emulating these traits, communicating with empathy, and developing an understanding of TASB's members and their needs.


TASB anticipates needs, seeks out opportunities for improvement, and works to identify and remove obstacles to success. TASB provides new and evolving services, builds consensus, and serves as a unifying voice and advocate for Texas public schools.

Strategic Alliances

TASB seeks out and embraces alliances and partnerships that support and promote the Association's mission, desired outcomes, and strategies.


TASB promotes an organizational culture that encourages reasonable risk taking, creative thinking, and strategic problem solving, and fosters the development of new or enhanced services that meet member needs.


TASB delivers exceptional quality and value in the services it provides and is committed to continuous improvement.

Fiscal Responsibility

TASB recognizes its fundamental responsibility to serve and meet the needs and expectations of its members within responsible, fiscal parameters.


TASB seeks to foster diversity in its organization, programs, and events. Diversity promotes creativity and enables TASB to better understand and respond to its customers' unique needs.

Our Employees

TASB values its employees and seeks to create a workplace where its employees feel welcomed, valued, compensated fairly, and appreciated for the work they do.