TASB Membership Benefits

The Texas Association of School Boards was established in 1949 with two main goals:

  • To share information through publications and training to help Texas board members serve their communities more effectively
  • To speak with a unified voice to decision makers to chart the best future for Texas public schools.

Basic services

The basic services provided to all members take a variety of forms. To give a few examples, TASB's Legal Services staff are available to assist members with the wide-ranging legal issues facing local school boards today. Texas Lone Star magazine and other informational materials provide the news and background you need to make good decisions locally. School board member training is available in every part of the state.

TASB representation before decision-making bodies, such as the Texas Legislature, various legislative committees, and the State Board of Education, keeps members up-to-date on key issues. Grassroots Meetings ensure that members have a hand in directing the Association's advocacy efforts. And the list goes on.

Still more services are available for a separate fee.

Strength in numbers

Every school board in Texas is a member of TASB, and that's been true for decades. The more than 7,300 local school board members of Texas are the largest group of publicly elected officials in the state. 

For more information about TASB benefits, call toll free, 800.580.8272, and connect with a staff of experts dedicated to helping board members and their staffs make schools the best they can be.