Nominations Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Who elects the TASB Board of Directors? 2. Who makes up the Delegate Assembly? 3. What is an Active Member of TASB? 4. What is the composition of the TASB Board? 5. What are the responsibilities of the TASB Board? 6. How are TASB Board positions determined, and why do some TASB Regions have more than one representative? 7. Does a TASB Director have to be a member of a local school board? 8. How do districts know when to nominate an individual for a position on the TASB Board? 9. How does an Active Member nominate an individual? 10. Can an Active Member nominate more than one individual for a position? 11. Can an individual be a candidate for more than one position? 12. What is the endorsement period, and how does an Active Member endorse a nominated individual? 13. How can candidates contact Active Members in their TASB Regions for endorsements? 14. How are vacancies on the TASB Board filled throughout the year? 15. What is the TASB Nominations Committee, and what is the committee's role in the Delegate Assembly election process? 16. Who pays the nominated individual's expenses incurred in attending the interview with the Nominations Committee? 17. Can someone still run for TASB Director if he or she is not chosen by the Nominations Committee and has not received endorsements from at least 25 percent of the Active Members? 18. When are Active Members notified of the official slate of Director and Officer nominees? 19. What happens if a nominee is unable to serve? 20. Can candidates in contested races campaign for Delegate votes? 21. Will the nominated individuals be allowed to speak or have someone speak on behalf of their candidacy at the Delegate Assembly? 22. At the Delegate Assembly, do Delegates cast their vote for all positions or just those within their TASB Region? 23. How are votes cast, tallied, and reported? 24. How is the Teller Committee selected? 25. How are the winners determined? 26. When do the terms of newly elected Directors and Officers begin? 27. When does the TASB Board meet? 28. Who pays the Director expenses to attend meetings? 29. Whom do I contact for more information?