TASB Governance

Our members were concerned enough about the quality of education received by children in their communities that they took their valuable personal time to run and become elected trustees.

These same people who are devoted to running their local school boards continue to come together and spend more of their time to ensure they have an Association that delivers practical results. They are active throughout every turn of TASB, comprising the Association's Board of Directors, an annual Delegate Assembly, and a powerful grassroots process.

These school board members realize that the Association can only serve their numerous ongoing needs if they, in turn, support it. In every way, it's their Association through and through: the grassroots efforts are used to develop and institute the Association's Advocacy Agenda throughout the state; the Delegate Assembly serves as TASB's general policymaking body; and the TASB Board translates these decisions into items that can be acted upon by TASB's staff and the members themselves.