TASB and Related Entity Addresses

Use the following addresses when corresponding with the Association and related entities.

TASB headquarters

12007 Research Blvd., Austin, Texas 78759-2429 (map)

TASB Governmental Relations

1101 Trinity St., Austin, Texas 78701-1919

TASB main mailing address

P.O. Box 400, Austin, Texas 78767-0400

TASB payments lockbox

P.O. Box 975112, Dallas, Texas 75397-5112

TASB Risk Management Fund

  • Payments: P.O. Box 975111, Dallas, Texas 75397-5111
  • Workers' Compensation claims: P.O. Box 2010, Austin, Texas 78768-2010
  • All other TASB Risk Management Fund mail: P.O. Box 301, Austin, Texas 78767-0301