Chief Communications Officer/AED for Communications and Public Relations

About TASB

The Texas Association of School Boards (TASB) is a voluntary, nonprofit, statewide educational association that serves and represents local Texas school boards and was established in 1949 with two main goals in mind:

  • To share information through publications and training to help Texas board members serve their communities more effectively.
  • To speak with a unified voice to decision makers to chart the best future for Texas public schools.

TASB's membership includes all 1,025 Texas school districts, 20 regional education service centers, 50 community colleges, 22 central appraisal districts, 132 shared service arrangements, and 64 charter schools. The Association represents the largest group of publicly elected officials in the state (more than 7,000 school board members) that serves more than 5.4 million Texas students.

Local school boards govern TASB through the Association's Board of Directors, an annual Delegate Assembly (which serves as TASB's general policy making body), and a Grassroots Process used to develop the Association's Advocacy Agenda. Policies and decisions made by the Delegate Assembly are translated into action by the TASB Board, a 44-member body made up of school board members representing every region of the state.

TASB's official positions on legislative and regulatory matters are incorporated into the Association's biennial Advocacy Agenda developed through TASB's Grassroots Process and resolutions adopted annually by the Association's Delegate Assembly. Although TASB's specific stance on education issues may change over time, the Association remains dedicated to the preservation of local control of public education.


The Chief Communications Officer (CCO)/Associate Executive Director for Communications and Public Relations:

  • Directs the Association’s integrated communications function, including the development of the Association’s overall communications strategy, implementation of communications, marketing, public relations activities, and assessment of the effectiveness of the Association’s communication effort.
  • Directs member communications, including the Texas Lone Star,, STAR e‐newsletter, videos for summer meeting and Delegate Assembly, TASB Talks podcasts, Member Center portal, and social media channels.
  • Encourages two-way communication through use of focus groups, outreach to new members and millennial members, and other data gathering efforts.
  • Directs public information/public relations for the Association, its related entities, member districts, and for public education in general, including ongoing campaigns such as Stand Up for Texas Public Schools, Why I Serve, SOTY, School Board Recognition Month, and Business/Education Initiatives including the Business Recognition Program.
  • Develops and implements the organization’s social media advocacy efforts during legislative seasons to garner support from the Texas public for public schools and their funding.
  • Maintains Texans for Strong Public Schools website and determines social media advertising expenditures.
  • Develops and implements organizational marketing/branding efforts such as Think TASB First, Expert Help from Friendly People, logo, and identity standards.
  • Guides the development of divisional marketing plans and measurement of marketing activities for various program areas, leading development teams composed of both program staff and Communications staff.
  • Directs media relations efforts, including planning and implementation of Association positioning, responsiveness to media contacts, Media Honor Roll, and media action team.
  • Directs all social media outreach, coordinating use of platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Responsible for oversight of postings.
  • Serves as staff liaison for the Member Services Committee of the TASB Board of Directors, and provides reports to the TASB Board and entity boards on various communications‐related topics.
  • Directs internal staff communications efforts, including weekly employee newsletter, intranet site, Yammer, and Executive Director’s annual staff meetings.
  • Develops use of emerging communications tools and strategies, pilot‐testing various outreach efforts and determining which will become part of the ongoing communications strategies.
  • Provides communications support services for the organization including, editorial, graphic design, video production, photography, web/digital services, PowerPoint support, live‐streaming capabilities, publication/product sales, printing, walk‐up copiers, and mailroom.
  • Acts as a liaison to various other organizations, hosting an annual luncheon, serving as contact person for various groups including TASA, TASBO, MASBA, TCBSBM, TxPTA, Texas Educators Vote group, Friends of Texas Public Schools, HEB grocery, and Pastors for Texas Children.


As a prerequisite, the successful candidate shall support the mission, vision, and values of TASB. The required qualifications for the CCO/Associate Executive Director for Communications and Public Relations are:

  • Experience supporting/leading transformation and/or growth strategies.
  • Ability to anticipate future needs and make decisions in a changing environment.
  • A proactive team player eager to collaborate with colleagues, our Board of Directors, customers, stakeholders, sister organizations, and the Association’s membership community.
  • Demonstrated ability to build key relationships (internally/externally).
  • Experience delivering excellent communications strategies aligned with the broader objectives of the Association.
  • Provide leadership on reputation, values, and culture across the Association.
  • Experience designing systems, such as those that support the Association’s social media strategy.
  • Well-connected communications leader with demonstrated experience managing strategic communications, digital engagement, and media relations.
  • Develop and publish content for external stakeholders.
  • Able to analyze data to understand how stakeholders view the Association.
  • Ten-plus years of experience in a senior communications role.
  • Team leadership/management experience.
  • Excellent and persuasive communicator; exceptional written, oral, interpersonal, and presentation skills.
  • Bachelor's degree in journalism, communications, or related field is preferred.
  • Knowledge of organizational communications principles and strategies.
  • Knowledge of media relations, public relations, marketing, and social media. 
  • Knowledge of developing technology and its applicability to the organization.
  • Strong writing skills and message management.
  • Strong presentation skills and interpersonal communications capabilities.
  • Financial/budgeting skills.

Education and experience

  • College degree, with ten years leading organizational communications efforts.
  • Experience with elected boards and their work.
  • Experience with statewide policy issues and public disclosure.


This is an outstanding opportunity to help lead a highly effective organization in partnership with the Deputy Executive Director and other senior executives. TASB offers a competitive compensation package with excellent benefits. The position is based in Austin, TX, and will require the successful candidate to relocate to that area.

Contact information

For additional information, to make a recommendation, or to be considered confidentially, contact:

Glen Rich
13727 Noel Road, Tower II, Suite 200
Dallas, TX 75240
Phone: 469.576.4002

Jorge Herrera
1750 Tysons Blvd, Suite 1500
McLean, VA 22102
Phone: 323.382.4642