Continuing Education Recordkeeping Tips

First and foremost, remember that the district is the official recordkeeper of board member continuing education credit information. In most districts, the superintendent or the superintendent's secretary performs this task. The database that TASB maintains is a supplemental source of information designed to assist the district with its recordkeeping efforts, and not the official record.

The following tips may be useful.

  1. Board members should give the recordkeeper copies of any documentation they receive for attending training sessions.
  2. Recordkeeper should review documentation to be sure it is complete and accurate (check dates, times, session titles, provider numbers, etc.).
  3. If training was provided by TASB, recordkeeper should file COPY of documentation in board member/district file. (The original should have been left with TASB at the training itself, or handled internally through the TASB meeting registrar. Do not mail the document to TASB.)
  4. If training was provided by an entity other than TASB, recordkeeper should access myTASB and submit the session information on line using the Enter Non-TASB Training Credit option. Be sure to take advantage of the help resources online for guidance or assistance in solving technical problems.
  5. Database information may be viewed or printed through myTASB, which is generally available between the hours of 6 a.m. and 11 p.m. every day. TASB will make every effort to keep the database as current as possible but cannot guarantee that all training updates will be posted until 30 days after a scheduled TASB event.
  6. Keep in mind that changes to existing report information must be made by TASB. Revisions submitted to TASB should be posted within 30 days of receipt.
  7. Annually, at the meeting at which the board would normally issue the call for the board election, the president of the board must announce publicly which members of the board have met their continuing credit obligation and which have not. The recordkeeper will need to be sure to keep individual training records in a manner that will make this announcement process go as smoothly as possible.