CEC Mobile

CEC Mobile is designed to make credit reporting faster and easier. The Web-based application can be used with any mobile device-all you need is Internet access and your myTASB user id and password.


  • Access to CEC Mobile requires myTASB credentials; be sure your user id and password are current.
  • Type "cecm.tasb.org" in your Internet browser (not Google) to access the Web page.
  • Add a CEC Mobile bookmark to your home screen.

Entering credit

  1. Tap on your CEC Mobile bookmark and log in using your myTASB user id and password.
  2. Select the TASB meeting you are attending, read the certification page, and click "accept." NOTE: You will remain logged in to CEC Mobile for 12 hours, as long as you do not close the browser page or log out of the application.
  3.  Use the dropdown menu to locate the title of the session and enter the CEC number provided by the presenter.
    NOTE: The window of time to enter credit is limited. Credit may be entered up to 30 minutes before or 90 minutes after a session is scheduled to end.
  4. Upon successful entry of the CEC number, a cumulative list of credit earned at the event will display.
  5. If you are unsuccessful entering the number for any reason, click on "Feedback" at the bottom of the screen to notify us. Be sure to include your name, district, session title, and CEC number.

Viewing credit

Credit entered successfully in CEC Mobile will appear immediately on your credit report. If you would like to view a comprehensive report of all of your training credit, log in to myTASB and access CECRS.

Questions? Call 800.580.8272, extension 2453 or e-mail cec@tasb.org.