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No changes to TASB Model Contracts

There will not be any changes to the TASB Model Contracts in 2018. The 2017 TASB Model Contracts and related documents are available in the HR Library.

Take our new Dual Credit Teacher Pay survey

Participate in our newest HR survey in DataCentral: Dual Credit Teacher Pay. Our survey covers source of funds, location of courses, basis of payment (e.g., per class, per semester), and annual pay amounts.

Visit DataCentral and go to the HR Data page to take the survey. Results will be available in late February to participating districts.

Extra-Duty stipend, superintendent total compensation available 

New 2017–2018 Extra-Duty Stipend Survey data is available in DataCentral for all member districts. Access the data to create your own custom market reports on more than 75 athletic, academic, and performing arts stipends. This year you’ll find two new stipends in DataCentral: lead counselor high school and lead diagnostician/LSSP/SLP.

It’s the time of year when you may need to review superintendent compensation market data. Remember to visit DataCentral to research the most current data on total compensation, including common allowances and benefits in Texas public schools. You can find the 2017–2018 Superintendent Salary Survey data in DataCentral.