The 5 most popular stories of 2017

by Zach DiSchiano

The new year has arrived, but many of last year’s most discussed issues and trends in HR remain relevant in 2018.

Take a look at the top five most read stories from the HR Exchange in 2017.

5. Understanding new legislation affecting HR administration

The 85th Regular Session of the Texas Legislature concluded in May and was a major talking point for the remainder of the year. This article helps HR administrators understand the rule changes and how to comply with them going forward.

4. Employee paychecks and direct deposit

A quick, straightforward Q&A that answers the question, “can a district require direct deposit of employee paychecks?”

3. Hiring a retiree to substitute in a vacant position

This Q&A explains why it is permissible for individuals receiving benefits from the Teacher Retirement System (TRS) to serve as a substitute in a vacant position for a limited period of time.

2. Senate Bill 7 pre-employment affidavit

Among the most discussed bills of the entire legislative session was Senate Bill 7, which required applicants for certain positions to complete a pre-employment affidavit indicating whether the applicant has ever been charged with or adjudicated of having an inappropriate relationship with a minor. While the bill helps prevent districts from “passing the trash,” it doesn’t make for a seamless transition for HR staff. That’s where this article comes in, courtesy of TASB Legal Services.

1. Withdrawal of teacher resignations

Can a teacher withdraw his or her resignation once it has been submitted? There are layers to answering this question, and that’s probably why it was the number one most read story on the HR Exchange in 2017. You might want to bookmark that page in case you need to revisit it—it has a great deal of helpful guidance.