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SB7 pre-employment affidavit update

A recent update was made to the pre-employment affidavits required by SB 7 of the 85th Regular Session of the Texas Legislature to simplify the notary statement. The updated documents, Sample Pre-employment Affidavit for Applicant and Sample Pre-employment Affidavit for Applicant Offered Employment are available in the TASB School Law eSource. Additional questions were also added to Frequently Asked Questions About Required Pre-Employment Affidavits

Don’t call in employees during FMLA time off

A common mistake human resources administrators and managers make is asking employees on Family and Medical Leave (FML) leave to report to work.

From workplace investigations to promotion discussions, there are a variety of reasons employers may want to bring in an employee on FML to work. However, requiring employees to work during FML would interfere with the leave and is not permissible.

Reasonable, limited contact with an employee about work-related matters is permitted. Court cases regarding contact with an employee during FML suggest that a district follow these guidelines:
  • Contacts should be limited (in duration and number) and restricted to the scope of passing on institutional knowledge to new staff or providing closure on completed assignments.
  • Contacts should be scheduled so as not to interfere with the purpose of leave. If for example, an employee takes leave to care for a family member, the employee should not be required to interrupt care duties to respond to telephone calls.
  • The employee should not be expected or required to produce work (e.g., grading papers and lesson planning) during FML unless the employee consents to light duty as described by Family and Medical Leave Act regulations.
For detailed information on FMLA procedures, visit the Leaves section of the HR Library.

Top tweets from HR Academy

HR Academy 2017 was a success, and we appreciate everyone who attended the training. You can view some of the highlights of the event in our Twitter Moments below: