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Introducing TEA’s Texas Equity Toolkit

The Texas Equity Plan Toolkit supports districts in the process of developing a district equity plan.

Equity plans are required among districts in accordance with the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). The Texas Education Agency (TEA) annually reports on the state’s equity gaps as they try to identify which low-income students and students of color are in classrooms with inexperienced, out-of-field, or ineffective teachers.

Developed by TEA, the toolkit includes a roadmap reporting template, a project management template, submission guidelines, and train-the-trainer materials.

In addition, the toolkit provides downloadable step-by-step directions for completion of each section of the equity plan template:
  • Step 1: Engaging and Communicating with Stakeholders
  • Step 2: Reviewing and Analyzing Data
  • Step 3: Conducting Root Cause Analysis
  • Step 4: Selecting Strategies
  • Step 5: Planning for Implementation

The Texas Equity Plan Toolkit can be accessed at Districts must submit their plans to TEA by November 1, 2017.                    

By the numbers: Public opinion of school trends

A report from Education Next revealed some enlightening statistics about public opinion of various education topics. We highlighted a few that may be most relevant to public school district personnel in Texas.
  • 61 percent of Americans think teacher salaries should be raised
  • 46 percent of the public are in favor of merit-based pay for teachers
    • Only 15 percent of teachers are in favor of this practice
  • 39 percent of respondents say they support the formation of charter schools, down 12 percent from a year ago
  • 22 percent of parents want their child to pursue a two-year associate’s degree at a community college
  • 44 percent of respondents think the effects would be positive if students spent more time on computers at school
The report provides additional details and is available online for those interested in reading more.