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Dallas ISD’s performance pay system shows positive signs

Teacher pay in Texas is based on seniority in nearly all school districts. So when Dallas ISD rolled out its performance-based pay system—Teacher Excellence Initiative (TEI)—in 2014 all interested parties were eagerly anticipating the results. New data from Dallas County nonprofit Commit! sheds some light on the effectiveness of TEI. According to Dallas Morning News, trends gleaned from DISD’s 2015–2016 school year data indicate:
  • Higher teacher retention. In the TEI system, teachers rated in the top six out of nine performance levels (Proficient or above) have a higher retention rate than the statewide average.
  • More effective teachers. Thirty-six percent fewer teachers were rated unsatisfactory in the district.
  • Higher teacher pay raises to the most effective teachers. Overall, the average teacher salary in DISD increased 3 percent, while compensation for teachers at the highest proficiency levels increased by 7 percent or more.

Teachers want more professional development on digital tools

A new report from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt surveyed teachers and administrators from all 50 states on a variety of topics, including classroom technology, professional development, and more.

Listed below are some interesting takeaways from the survey:
  • 98 percent of educators use digital tools at work
  • 48 percent of educators want classroom coaching to integrate technology effectively
  • 86 percent of educators spend personal money on professional development
  • 32 percent of teachers reported a lack of professional development in digital tools was of great concern to them
  • Facebook is the most popular social media tool used by educators to communicate with their students' families

To download the full report, visit the HMH Website.