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Latest Form I-9 released Monday

USCIS released the latest Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification, on July 17. Employers are able to use this revised version or continue using Form I-9 with a revision date of 11/14/16 through September 17. On September 18, employers must use the revised form with a revision date of 07/17/17. Employers must continue following existing storage and retention rules for any previously completed Form I-9.

A copy of the new form and details about the changes are available on the I-9 Central website

Multiple Texas universities to receive portions of $50 million for teacher prep

Several months ago we wrote about the Holdsworth Center, an educational development center focused on improving educational leadership.

The center was founded by HEB Chairman and CEO, Charless Butt, who also serves as the primary donor for Raise Your Hand Texas—an advocacy organization focused on public policies that support public schools. It’s through this organization that 10 universities in Texas will receive shares of $50 million to support scholarship funding for students who commit to teaching and technical support.

Each university will get approximately $5 million over a 10-year period, with the final figure contingent upon how many students pursue the scholarship.

Listed below are the universities receiving the funds:
  • University of Texas at Austin
  • Texas Tech University
  • Texas A&M University’s Educational Psychology program
  • University of Houston
  • Rice University
  • Southern Methodist University
  • University of North Texas at Dallas
  • Trinity University
  • Our Lady of the Lake University
  • University of Texas Rio Grande Valley