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Bill watch—Special session and teacher pay

A teacher pay raise of $1,000 is one of the items Governor Abbott placed on the special session agenda. The special session will convene July 18 and run for a maximum of 30 days. At the time of publication, a specific bill has not been filed.

For districts that have already adopted their compensation plan and budget for 2017–2018, our guidance is to not revise anything in anticipation of the special session.

For districts who have yet to adopt their compensation plan and budget for 2017–2018, there are a few things to consider. Legislative language in the past has required districts to provide the state-mandated increase over and above the prior year’s teacher pay structure/hiring schedule. While we don’t know whether that language will be proposed again, it’s a possibility. There’s no guarantee that any changes to teacher pay will result from the special session, and the timing of any changes that might happen could be too late for a district to reflect in their initial 2017–2018 budget.

There are very specific budget adoption deadlines that districts are subject to, as described in these eSource documents. Based on time constraints, a district may choose to adopt their 2017–2018 budget, then revise as needed to meet requirements arising from the special session. Methods for revising budgets and compensation plans exist and we will provide details at a later date, should there be a need based on the outcome of the special session.

Districts may also consider contacting their local counsel for more specific guidance moving forward, relevant to their unique circumstances.

We’re working with other groups like TASA and TASBO to advocate on behalf of district needs to legislators during the special session. We’ll keep our members updated along the way, too.

Superintendent Salary Survey launches in July

In less than one month the 2017–2018 HR Services salary survey season begins with the launch of the TASB/TASA Superintendent Salary Survey. It kicks off July 18, when an invitation to the online questionnaire will be e-mailed to school district superintendents. The survey goes into detail on the compensation and benefits of Texas’ top school executives. The survey deadline is August 25 and results will be available in DataCentral in October.
The schedule for our other salary surveys is below. Survey reminders will be included in upcoming issues of HR Exchange and sent to survey contacts in your district.
Survey Invitation Date Due Date DataCentral Results
Teacher / District Personnel 9/5/17 10/6/17 12/4/17
Extra-Duty Stipend 10/24/17 11/17/17 1/29/18