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Bills to watch: Legislative update

Four of the 11 bills we've been monitoring on the HR Exchange Bills to Watch segment were passed by the House and Senate and are awaiting gubernatorial approval or have already been signed. One bill was tacked onto another as an amendment. Bills passed include:

SB 7: Addresses improper relationships and educator misconduct (signed). Provisions from SB 653 are included. 
SB 196: Requires parent notification regarding assignment of full-time nurse, librarian, or counselor. (editor's note: this bill was vetoed on June 15, 2017)
HB 2039: Establishes EC-3 certification
HB 3563: Requires parent notification if a teacher does not meet certification requirement. 

Stay tuned for next month's solo issue, where we'll have a complete breakdown of each HR-relevant bill that passed in the legislative session. 

TEA launches new professional development pilot

A news release from the Texas Education Agency (TEA) announced the launching of a new pilot program focusing on educator training. 

"Commissioner of Education Mike Morath announced today that the Texas Education Agency (TEA) has launched a pilot project for six learning programs targeted at educators within select districts across the state. The pilot is part of a broader initiative in the agency’s shift towards impact-focused training and will help to form the future of professional development in Texas.

Nearly 400 educators will participate in the pilot, which is designed to provide an innovative way for teachers and school board members to demonstrate proficiency of their skills and acquire micro-credentials (or digital badges). Educators who complete micro-credentials through the program will also be eligible to earn Continuing Professional Education (CPE) hours for their efforts.

Six learning programs have been designated for the initial pilot focusing on: Teacher Effectiveness; College/Career Readiness for Guidance Counselors; Early Literacy; Ethics for School Board Governance; Student Outcomes Alignment for School Board Governance; and Career Technical Education."

The rest of the release is available at the TEA Website

Dallas ISD pay-for-performance system paying dividends

Data highlighted in a recent Dallas Morning News editorial revealed promising trends in teacher retention thanks to Dallas ISD's pay-for-performance system. 

An analysis of the system from education nonprofit Commit found the more effective the teacher, the higher the retention rate. The highest quality teachers are earning the biggest raises, rather than the teachers with the most seniority.

To read the full editorial, click here