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AASPA develops human capital certification program

The American Association of School Personnel Administrators (AASPA), in conjunction with Battelle for Kids, has developed a national human capital certification program focused on HR staff working in PK-12 education settings. With support from the Texas Association of School Personnel Administrators (TASPA), AASPA, and Battelle for Kids recently facilitated two pilot cohorts in Texas.

The Professional Human Capital Leaders in Education (pHCLE) certification demonstrates that an individual has:
  • High level of knowledge and skill in HR, specifically in PK-12 education,
  • Mastery of essential HR practices as they pertain to PK-12 education,
  • Commitment to professional standards, and
  • Dedication to continued mastery of knowledge and skill through recertification.
AASPA is accepting registration for its first virtual instructor cohort, slated to begin in September. More details are available on the AASPA HCLE website

Bills to watch

We're tracking bills making their way through the legislature that may have an impact on HR operations. Here are some of the bills to keep an eye on:

HB 816 (Bernal) would add more specificity to classroom teacher mentor obligations; require mentors to agree to serve for two years; allow the commissioner to limit the number of classroom teachers assigned to each mentor; and require potential mentors to demonstrate interpersonal skills, leadership skills and instructional effectiveness. The bill would also require school districts to provide training for mentors, and mentors must meet with the classroom teachers they support for at least 45 minutes once per week. HB 816 also creates mentor program allotment so districts can fund the program and provide stipends for mentor teachers.

HB 1918 (Guillen) would create a professional development grant program for first-year teachers; teachers who are teaching a subject for which they don’t have a bachelor's degree in that subject; or teachers serving at a campus assigned an overall performance rating of D or F.

HB 4064 (Bohac) requires that individuals obtaining an educator certificate that requires a bachelor’s degree must also receive instruction in digital learning, including a digital literacy evaluation followed by a prescribed digital learning curriculum.

SB 653 (Taylor, V.) revokes the pension of an educator involved in an improper relationship with a student.

SB 196 (Garcia) requires a school to notify parents (online or written) if it does not have the equivalent of a full-time nurse, librarian, or school counselor on campus for more than 30 consecutive instructional days during a school year. School districts in counties with a population of less than 100,000 are not required to provide these notices.

SB 1317 (Uresti) would prohibit a district from requiring a teacher to report for service at the beginning of a school year earlier than the seventh business day before the first day of instruction. A district would also have to notify each district teacher of any meetings or training that the teacher would be required to attend that is scheduled to occur on noninstructional days in the following school year before the last day that a teacher may resign.