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TASB HR Services launches community college program

TASB HR Services for Community Colleges provides human resources support for community college staff, including:

  • The HR Library, an online encyclopedia of information that includes discussion of HR-related topics and model forms and letters.
  • Discounted worksite posters and compliance guides tailored to meet the specific needs of school districts and other public employers, such as community colleges.
  • HR consultation support—call or e-mail our expert HR Services consultants with your HR-related questions. 
  • DataCentral, an online tool for creating customized compensation reports using data from our salary surveys. Colleges will have immediate access to school district salary data for more than 120 benchmark jobs.
  • Model job descriptions for more than 140 jobs that are designed to be edited and revised to accurately reflect local job assignments, qualifications, and working conditions.
  • The twice-monthly HR Exchange newsletter, providing best practices and guidance on the latest HR trends, issues, and legislation.
As we expand TASB HR Services for Community Colleges, our services are growing to include:
  • The Model Employee Handbook, a user-friendly resource for the development of an organization-wide employee handbook. Resource materials are correlated to TASB Policy Manual codes. New college edition scheduled for release in spring 2017.
  • Community College Salary Surveys especially tailored for institutions like yours in Texas, along with online access to results data in DataCentral that allows you to create custom comparison market reports. New college survey scheduled for fall 2017.
For more information on the services and resources we offer, visit our About HR Services Webpage.

Stipend, superintendent total compensation available 

New 2016–17 Extra-Duty Stipend Survey data is now available in DataCentral for all HR Services member districts. Access the data to create your own custom market reports on more than 75 athletic, academic, and performing arts stipends.

It’s the time of year when you may need to review superintendent compensation market data. Remember to visit DataCentral to research the most current data on total compensation including common allowances and benefits in Texas public schools. You can find the Superintendent Salary Survey report in DataCentral.

Learn about other districts’ HR practices and policies

Please participate in our HR surveys in DataCentral covering topics like employment contracts, leave reimbursement, and local leave benefits. Your district must participate to get the results. Visit DataCentral and go to the HR Data page to take our HR surveys. A full list of surveys can be found below:
  • Administrator and Professional Support Contracts
  • Career and Technical (CTE) Pay Rates
  • Health Insurance Premiums 2016–17
  • HR Department Responsibilities
  • HR Department Staff
  • Leave Reimbursement
  • Local Leave Benefits
  • Sick Leave Banks and Pools
  • Superintendent Contracts
  • Supplemental Benefits
  • Supplemental Pay Rates
  • Teacher Contracts
  • Teacher Professional Development
  • Teacher Substitutes and ACA