Inside HR Services

Use a peer review to improve your HR organization and operations

One of the consulting services we provide to our members is an HR department review conducted by a team of experienced human resource professionals. This external review can provide district leaders with benchmarking information, objective insights, and practical suggestions to make HR operations more strategic and efficient. Each review is uniquely planned and customized to meet the needs of the district. An HR review can be broad or narrow in scope and can focus on compliance or strategic issues or both. A list of services provided during our peer review process is available on our website or by calling us at 800.580.7782.

School district HR metrics available in DataCentral

Get essential HR data on common school district policies and practices in DataCentral. Join hundreds of school districts that have already participated. Most surveys take 5 minutes or less to complete. Find these HR Surveys in DataCentral:

  • Administrator & Professional Support Contracts 
  • CTE Pay Rates 
  • Health Insurance Premiums 
  • HR Department Responsibilities 
  • Leave Reimbursement
  • Local Leave Benefits 
  • Sick Leave Banks & Pools
  • Superintendent Contracts 
  • Supplemental Benefits
  • Supplemental Pay Rates
  • Teacher Contracts
  • Teacher Professional Development
  • Teacher Substitutes