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By the numbers: Public opinion of school trends

A report from Education Next revealed some enlightening statistics about public opinion of various education topics. We highlighted a few that may be most relevant to public school district personnel in Texas.

60—Percentage of the public that supports basing part of teacher salary on how much their students learn
2013—Since this year, public support for teacher tenure has decreased by 10 percentage points, down to 31 percent
25—Percentage of the public that would grade their local public schools with an A or B
3—The number of states in which more than 1 percent of teachers received an unsatisfactory rating on their evaluation
61—Percentage of the public that favors an increase in per-pupil expenditures
4—Out of five respondents support the federal requirement that all students be tested in math and reading in each grade from 3rd through 8th and once in high school
77—Percentage of the public that opposes letting parents opt their children out of state tests
65—Percentage of the public that believes teachers should receive a salary boost
To see the full results of the study, check out Education Next’s website

New I-9 Coming Soon 

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services will publish a revised Form I-9 by November 22, 2016. Districts may continue to use the current version of the form, which has a revision date of 03/08/2013, until the new form goes into effect on January 21, 2017. After that date all previous versions of Form I-9 will not be valid.