Pay increases hold steady in 2016-17

by Troy Bryant

Pay increases for public school districts in Texas are expected to remain moderate in 2016‒17, according to an April 2016 poll by TASB HR Services. The statewide poll on prospective pay raises of HR Services member school districts finds that 78 percent of the 408 districts responding anticipate giving a pay raise for 2016‒17.


Of those districts planning a salary increase, the median pay raise is 2 percent for each surveyed pay group—teachers, administrators/professionals, and clerical paraprofessional/auxiliary. That’s the same increase reported in last year’s poll.

Taking a closer look, the results vary significantly by location in Texas. In Regions 2 (Corpus Christi), 4 (Houston), and 10 (Richardson), 90 percent or more of responding districts anticipate giving a raise. In contrast, less than half of districts (40 percent) anticipate pay raises in Region 9 (Wichita Falls). In Central Texas, 84 percent of districts in Regions 13 (Austin) and 20 (San Antonio) expect to give pay raises.
Responses also vary by the Texas Education Agency (TEA)-defined community types. Ninety percent or more of districts in independent town, major suburban, major urban, and non-metropolitan-fast growing communities anticipate giving pay increases. Of the eight district types measured, rural communities had the lowest number of respondents (62 percent) anticipating providing a pay increase to their employees.

Furthermore, only 57 percent of districts with less than 500 students plan to provide a pay raise. Districts giving pay raises jumps to 76 percent when looking at enrollment of 500 to 999. In districts with 3,000 or more students, 94 percent are planning a pay raise.

Among respondents intending to give an increase to teachers, 34 percent expect to give a 2 percent raise. Nearly one-quarter indicated an increase of 3 percent. Twenty-seven percent of districts expect to provide an amount that is less than 2 percent.

Prospective pay increases for teachers also varied by ESC Region. Regions 2 (3 percent), 4 (2.5 percent), 10 (2.5 percent), and 15 (2.5 percent) had the highest median increases, while Regions 5 (1.5 percent), 19 (1.5 percent), and 9 (1.8 percent) had the lowest median increases. Administrator and nonexempt pay increases in these regions generally followed similar trends.
The poll was conducted in April 2016 and includes survey responses from 408 Texas public school districts representing all ESC Regions and TEA enrollment groups. This is the fifth year of conducting the prospective pay increase poll, providing an early picture of anticipated pay increases statewide.