Q&A: Asking for teacher transcripts

Q: Are teachers required to submit official transcripts?

A: There is no requirement that a teacher provide a transcript. However, there are a number of practical reasons why districts ask for them. The transcript provides proof that the teacher has at least earned a bachelor’s degree. It also documents teachers’ courses of study, which allows the district to place highly qualified teachers in appropriate assignments.
Many districts require official transcripts. A transcript that comes to the district directly from the teacher’s college or university is usually considered an official transcript. It may be sent by U.S. mail, e-mail, or may be hand-delivered in a sealed envelope. HR Services usually recommends that districts ask for an official transcript to minimize the likelihood of someone altering the document.
Districts may accept a transcript in any format that satisfies the district’s comfort level, including a photo copy or a faxed copy.
Districts often ask if they are required to retain the official transcript when an employee leaves the district. When an employee leaves, either the official transcript or a copy may be retained, or, if the district chooses, returned (districts are not obligated to return them). HR administrators should establish a procedure that specifies whether official transcripts will be returned and the process employees must follow to request them when they leave the district.