Poll results: Most districts will give modest pay raises in 2015–16

More school districts in Texas plan to give a pay increase in 2015‒16, but the increase amount remains almost unchanged from last year, according to the latest poll on prospective pay raises conducted by TASB HR Services.

A survey of TASB HR Services member school districts finds that about 80 percent of districts (230 respondents) anticipate giving a pay raise for 2015‒16. Of those districts planning a salary increase, the average pay raise is 2.2 percent (or a 2 percent median increase). This being a legislative year, districts commented that they were unsure of increase amounts pending legislation.

Districts anticipating a pay increase varied significantly by region of Texas. Among ESCs that had an overall response rate of about 25 percent or more, Regions 3 (Victoria), 4 (Houston), 6 (Huntsville), 13 (Austin), and 15 (San Angelo) had 90 percent or more of responding districts anticipate giving a raise. While only half (or fewer) of districts anticipate pay raises in Regions 14 (Abilene), 17 (Lubbock), and 18 (Midland).
Responses also vary by Texas Education Agency (TEA)-defined community types. Ninety percent or more of districts in one of the following community types are giving pay increases: independent town, major suburban, non-metropolitan: fast growing, and other central city. Sixty-five percent of responding rural districts anticipate giving a pay increase.
Furthermore, only 54 percent of districts with less than 500 students (which represent about 30 percent of Texas school districts) plan to provide a pay raise. Among districts with enrollment of 3,000 or more, approximately 95 percent are planning a pay raise.

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Of those districts anticipating an increase, 32 percent expect to give a 2 percent raise. Approximately one-quarter of respondents anticipate an increase of 3 percent. Nearly 25 percent of districts expect to provide an amount that is less than 2 percent.
Average prospective pay increases varied by ESC Region. Regions 10 (2.8 percent) and 4 (2.5 percent) reported the highest average increase, while Regions 13 (1.6 percent) and 18 (1.7 percent) reported the lowest average increases.
More than 90 percent of districts plan to increase pay for all employees, similar to last year’s results. Three percent of respondents will give raises to teachers only and 5 percent plan a pay increase for some other job group or combination of job groups.
Forty percent of districts intend to calculate the increase based on a percentage of the pay range midpoint. Nearly a third of districts (32 percent) will base it on a percentage of employee salaries, and this group primarily comprises districts with less than 1,600 student enrollment. In addition, other responding districts (28 percent) will use some other calculation method or combination of methods, including “step” schedule increases and equity adjustments.
Poll results are based on survey responses of 289 Texas school districts collected in April 2015. Respondents to the survey represented TASB HR Services member districts in all ESC Regions and TEA enrollment groups. This is the fourth year of conducting the prospective pay increase poll, providing an early picture of the pay increases expected statewide.
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