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Take part in our projected 2015‒16 pay raise poll and supplemental pay rates survey

Our popular annual survey of projected pay raises is coming your way soon. Be sure to participate to find out how much Texas school districts expect to increase pay in 2015‒16. Look for the online survey from HR Services in your e-mail inbox on April 8. All participants will receive the results following the conclusion of the survey. Highlights will be reported in the May issue of HR Exchange.
We’ll also be sending out invitations for our Supplemental Pay Rates survey in DataCentral. The survey covers supplemental teacher pay rates, summer school rates for campus-level professionals, and substitute pay rates for non-teachers (e.g., bus drivers). Invitations to the survey will be sent to our program contacts on April 21.

2015 Model Employee Handbook will be posted in May

The 2015 Model Employee Handbook will be released online in mid-May. This update will be completed before the close of the current legislative session. There may be bills that will require additional changes to the text of the MEH and your district employee handbook prior to the start of the 2015–16 school year. These changes will be incorporated into the online handbook by mid-July.
Notice of the release of updates will be posted to our home page and an e-mail will be sent to our program contacts.

Keeping up with bills that might affect HR operations

There are several ways for district staff to keep up with the bills filed, heard, and passed by the 84th Texas Legislature. TASB Governmental Relations provides information on important legislative issues in Legislative Update. During the session, Legislative Update is e-mailed to subscribers daily. Sign up for updates to be delivered to your in-box on the Governmental Relations Website.

Bills filed that are related to human resources and personnel functions are posted on the Texas Association of School Personnel Administrators (TASPA) Website. Additional information is added as new bills are filed and as the Legislature takes action.

The Texas Association of School Administrators (TASA) Billtracker is an online resource that allows users to look up bills by number or topic. Also available is a full list of bills being tracked by TASA with a detailed summary.

The final option is to go directly to the source—the Texas Legislature Online Bill Lookup page. This site allows users to view all the details of bills, including text and history.

HR Services will include information on legislation related to HR in Texas school in the June/July or August issue of the HR Exchange. Updates to publications and the HR Library will be made as soon as possible.