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Your first step toward making an impact on education policyYour first step toward making an impact on education policy

The future of Texas public education is in your hands. Help shape TASB's legislative voice by telling us which issues we should advocate in the next legislative session. Attend your regional TASB Grassroots Meeting to take the first step toward making an impact on education policy. Meetings will be held in each ESC region beginning in December and running through early March.

During the meeting, you will work with other local trustees and superintendents to identify your region's priorities. Representatives elected during the regional meetings will then meet in Austin during the spring to merge all regional priorities into a statewide list of priorities. The end product, TASB's Advocacy Agenda, is the message TASB Governmental Relations delivers on behalf of all Texas school boards at the Texas Capitol, state agencies, and elsewhere.

Bring your entire school board! All Texas school board members and superintendents are invited to participate. The meetings are free, and dinner is provided at no cost.

Area legislators will be invited to discuss their education priorities during the first part of the meetings. Trustees will earn 1.5 hours of Tier 3 credit for their participation in the two-hour business portion of the meetings.

Make sure your district's needs are represented! Check the schedule to find your regional meeting. Registration for the Region 16 meeting is now open; send Kathee Lupton your name and school district to register. Registration for all regions will open November 17.