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Superintendent pay increases remain steady

Nearly two-thirds of Texas districts provided a base salary increase to their continuing superintendent, according to preliminary results of the TASB/TASA Superintendent Salary Survey. The average pay increase in 2017‒18 for continuing superintendents was 2.9 percent. Down from a 3.2 percent average increase in 2016‒17, pay raises have hovered at 3 percent for the past five years.

The average superintendent salary in Texas for 2017‒18 is $146,073. There has been a steady increase in base salaries, rising 2.8 percent in 2017‒18 and 1.9 percent in 2016‒17. Half of reported superintendent salaries in Texas are less than $125,000 (median).

Read more survey highlights in the November issue of HR Exchange. HR Services members can access the full 2017–18 salary survey results in DataCentral. The PDF report will be available in myTASB and for purchase in the TASB Store in late November.

The Superintendent Salary Survey is the first of three annual salary and wage surveys for Texas public schools. The District Personnel Salary Survey data, including teacher salaries, will be available in DataCentral beginning in December. Data collection for the Extra-Duty Stipend Survey is in progress; deadline for responses is November 17.