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Remember: Training announcement required

As the end of the year approaches, it's time to check in on continuing education credit (CEC) compliance. The State Board of Education's (SBOE) current rule on board member continuing education requires the local board president to make the announcement about compliance with training requirements at the last meeting of the calendar year. For most districts, that will be the December meeting.

At this meeting, the names of those trustees who do not meet the minimum number of training credits will be announced as not meeting their "basic obligation and expectation of the State Board of Education." Find information on requirements and making the announcement on the TASB website.

Next year, the required annual training credit will change as a result of Senate Bill 1566, which passed in this year's legislative session. The SBOE met last week to consider proposed changes. First and second readings of the changes are scheduled for hearing at the January and April SBOE meetings. TASB will share the changes as soon as they are approved. In the meantime, boards should continue with past practice in announcing training credit. When in doubt or concerned, consult your local counsel.

If you need additional continuing education before the end of the year, TASB's Online Learning Center (OLC) can help. The OLC has resources available year-round.