TASB Energy Cooperative Member Benefits

TASB Energy CooperativeFor some of you, it may have been several years since you have had to secure an electricity supply contract. TASB is committed to effectively managing your electricity costs. In order to take advantage of opportunities when gas prices are favorable, which often occur quickly and do not last for more than a few hours or days, TASB will work with your district to act quickly to lock in favorable electricity rates. This will ensure a fixed electricity price over the length of your contract before you actually receive and pay for the electricity. TASB is able to pool your district’s electricity usage with many others to obtain a favorable rate or monitor the market to contract only your district’s requirements.

Similarly, TASB is able to provide fixed-rate fuel commodities over pre-set periods of time, or terms. Delivery and distribution continues unchanged and uninterrupted, and you have a newfound sense of budget certainty.

In an effort to ensure that TASB’s electicity and fuel programs are governed by participants of the electricity program, TASB took steps to create a new interlocal entity, the TASB Energy Cooperative. The TASB Energy Cooperative’s five-member board will oversee the program, and its board members include school board members, administrators, and district energy professionals. By participating in the TASB Energy Cooperative, you will not need to independently procure electricity for your entity.

Due to the creation of the new TASB Energy Cooperative, you will also need to approve an Interlocal Participation Agreement. A Letter of Authorization (LOA) will also need to be completed by your district. The LOA allows the Cooperative’s Retail Electric Provider, Direct Energy Business, to gather and verify your meter ESI IDs and historical usage. It is extremely important that you account for all the meters or ESI numbers for which you are being billed. It is extremely important to carefully review all your current electric bills very closely and make sure you have accounted for all your meters and included all of the ESI ID numbers on the Letter of Authorization. If you have additional facilities that you know will be completed during the term of the electricity contract, please contact TASB at your convenience so that we can include the usage for those meters in the pool.

A few of the many benefits of participating in the TASB Energy Cooperative include the following:

  1. Procurement Laws/Statutes are Met. This means that you will not have to go out for bid on your own. This will save you time and money and ensures that your contract has been negotiated to provide you with benefits and assurances that you may not be able to achieve on your own.
  2. Option to Aggregate. You may choose to combine your electricity load with that of other entities to achieve increased buying power and administrative efficiencies.
  3. TASB Account Executive. As a member of the program, your account will be serviced by TASB staff and an Account Executive at the Retail Electricity Provider dedicated solely to the TASB program. This Account Executive will assist you in the prompt and accurate resolution of meter additions, deletions, and moves, as well as any other customer service needs.
  4. No Monthly Meter Charges (which typically range from $8-$25 per month per meter).
  5. Unlimited Usage Swing. Most contracts maximize usage at the contracted rate at 10% of the projected term usage. Also, under other contracts, fees apply if actual usage does not exceed 90% of the projected term usage at the time of contract. The TASB contract will not penalize your entity with fees for any contract usage overages or failing to use your projected electricity usage.
  6. Fixed Energy Price. The price paid for the electricity commodity is fixed. All of the ERCOT charges and fees are included in the Energy Price. The pass-through charges are limited to the regulated utility delivery charges and any applicable taxes.
  7. Limited Change in Law Provision. Direct Energy Business, the current TASB Retail Electricity Provider, may only propose changes to the Fixed Energy Price if there is a new or changed law or regulation that fundamentally alters the market structure in ERCOT and causes a change in the method by which prices are determined. TASB negotiated a special provision for this restructuring event (known as “nodal pricing”) that limits proposed changes to the Energy Price to changes in specific ERCOT charges. In addition, if the customer does not agree to the price change, it has the ability to liquidate and terminate the contract, paying any liquidation costs that may exist.
  8. REP Performance Guarantees. TASB negotiated provisions that require Direct Energy Business to timely switch any ESI IDs that have been served by another REP and to hold the customer harmless for higher costs incurred as a result of a delayed switch. The contract also requires Direct Energy Business to timely bill the customer and limits Direct Energy Business’s ability to collect amounts that were not timely billed.
  9. Addition and Deletion of Accounts. The contract establishes an amount of energy usage for the entire, aggregated TASB participants that may be added to the TASB program in the form of new accounts that have not previously received service or deleted from the TASB program because of a facility closure or sale. This provides the TASB program members with potential flexibility to add new accounts at the contract price or delete accounts without paying a termination fee, until the point at which the account additions and deletions by the aggregated TASB program reach the limit set forth in the contract. After the aggregated TASB program limit has been reached, members may still add or delete accounts, but there may be a new contract price for the account addition or a charge for the account deletion.
  10. Bilateral Legal Terms. TASB has negotiated bilateral provisions relating to items such as Default, Force Majeure, Credit Assurance, and Damages which treat both parties equally.
  11. Contract Terms in Compliance with Local Government Laws. TASB negotiated terms relating to items such as bill payments and appropriation of funds to ensure that the contract complies with laws impacting independent school districts.
  12. Peace of Mind. TASB ensures that you will receive the highest level of customer service, competitive rates, and an electricity contract that has been negotiated to provide benefits that are unmatched by other providers of electricity procurement services. This is backed up by almost 60 years of service to public schools throughout Texas


TASB welcomes the opportunity to earn your business and will be working diligently to ensure that our program is unsurpassed in quality of service. If you have any questions, comments, or require additional information, feel free to contact us at 800.580.8272, ext. 2024.