TASB Energy CooperativeJoining the TASB Energy Cooperative

All governmental entities such as schools, cities, counties, and emergency service districts that reside in an electric deregulated area of Texas are eligible for membership in the cooperative. This includes entities that are serviced by a retail electric provider (REP) on the ERCOT (Energy Reliability Council of Texas) grid.

To join and take advantage of the many benefits of the program, the following documents must be returned to TASB:

  • Interlocal Participation Agreement (IPA):This agreement is required to participate in the TASB Energy Cooperative. Participating in this interlocal entity assures that the district is complying with its competitive bidding requirements, because purchasing through an interlocal entity is one of the legally permitted methods of competitively procuring electricity.
  • Letter of Authorization: This letter authorizes a retail electric provider designated by TASB to obtain the district's historical electricity usage data from the local delivery utility. This written authorization is required by law before TASB or a REP may obtain such data. The data is required for the retail electric provider to develop a price for the district or the aggregation pool.

Please contact us at 800.580.8272, extension 2024, for assistance or further information.