Why Choose TASB?

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Experience and stability

As part of TASB, we are supported by a wealth of resources. Our staff averages 15 years of experience with a history of excellence providing services to school districts. In fact, TASB Special Education Solutions (SMART Medicaid Services) filed the first SHARS claim in Texas in 1993.

Expert knowledge of Special Education

A ConversaTASB Talkstion about Special Education, TASB Talks podcast, episode 18

Listen to Episode 18 of TASB Talks to hear Special Education Solutions staff discuss the US Department of Education's recent conclusion that Texas violated federal law with regard to students with disabilities and more.

Special Education Reboot, Texas Lone Star magazine, June 2018

On April 23, The Texas Education Agency released its Special Education Corrective Action Response to the US Department of Education, Office of Special Education Programs. TASB Special Education Solutions Manager Karlyn Keller breaks down what this means for school districts moving forward in this Texas Lone Star magazine article.

Stakeholder insight

Special Education Solutions maintains a strong working relationship with the following: 
Texas Education Agency (TEA), Texas Medicaid and Healthcare Partnership (TMHP), Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC), Texas State Legislature and various stakeholders, providing valuable insight into policymaking and compliance. 

TASB has been serving Texas school districts for more than 60 years!

Contact us today at shars@tasb.org or call 800.580.3399 for technical support or 888.630.6606 for policy questions and ask for the Special Education Solutions Team!